• Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Do you want to learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy? Do you want to become a Certified Hypnotherapist?

    Training as a certified hypnotherapist is a transformation for both body and soul. You will learn “The Art of Hypnotherapy” as a tool to help yourself and others, promote health and resource development, goals. You will be able to help yourself and others to find creative solutions and answers to the most important questions in life. You will learn effective self-help methods to promote health, understanding, self-development and self-healing.

    Hypnotherapy is an extremely good tool for working with mental and emotional aspects of health. The better the mental and emotional health, the better the physical health will also be. We work holistically, and see the person as a whole. We work from a health-promoting approach.

  • When is it?

    Online from November in own tempo

    Where is it?


    What are the prequisites?

    Diploma in Hypnosis

    How much is it?

    EUR 1,300,-

  • Norway’s leader in NLP, Coaching, Mental Training and Mindfulness.

    • 30 years of experience

      NOCNA is the leader in the field

    • International credits (CPD)

      NOCNA has issued over 5000 CPD points over the past year

    • Market leader

      NOCNA has held more than 250 NLP & Coach courses

    • Training / education

      NOCNA offers more than 32 different courses and educations

  • Nordic Coach & NLP Academy (NOCNA) has received formal and independent CPD accreditation, and is now a registered supplier at the CPD Standards Office in England. All participants in this course will be issued with a CPD certificate, which can be used in a professional context up to the employer or trade union. This education gives you 80 CPD points.

  • Learn practical skills, knowledge and competence for life

    Do you want to learn valuable knowledge and skills from renowned experts while experiencing health-promoting processes and strong personal development?

    We have trained both healthcare personnel, therapists and others for over 30 years, many of whom combine what they learn with other professions, in new career directions and for personal and professional development. When you learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy, personal practice and integration are included, so that you will get a holistic perspective on what hypnotherapy is and how it is used. Then it will also be easier for you to find your own style.

    Many of those who study with us have other forms of therapy in their toolbox when they start our education. Many NLP practitioners, coaches, doctors, psychologists, dentists, healthcare professionals, therapists, teachers, personal trainers, mental coaches, managers, entrepreneurs, athletes choose to learn hypnotherapy in order to use it both personally and professionally.

    Hypnotherapy is well suited to be combined with many other forms of therapy. Then you also get more approaches to how you can help your clients, and thus also better results.

    The Hypnotherapy Education consists of 2 parts:

    Part 1: Diploma in Hypnosis. About 30 hours online training course which is taken before you move on to the next part.

    Part 2: Certified Hypnotherapist with online teaching and integration including assignments and self-training.

    The program is designed to focus on you, your health and your development and learning processes. The practical hypnotherapeutic tools are easy to learn and will give you joy and inspiration in your everyday life, both at home and at work. This is an education where you can think anew and give yourself the opportunity to make changes that will eventually lead to great progress.

    This is a unique personal health-promoting and professional development journey.

    Is this education accredited?

    Yes, that’s it. Nordic Coach & NLP Academy is a registered provider of accredited CPD (Continuous Professional Development) training and education.

    After completing your participation, you will receive your certificate as a certified hypnotherapist and a certificate giving you 60 CPD points from The CPD Standards Office in The United Kingdom.

    Who is this education for?

    This training is for those who want to learn hypnotherapy as a tool for health and development. Among those most interested in learning hypnotherapy are therapists, counsellors, healthcare professionals, teachers, coaches, personal trainers, managers, mental trainers, NLP professionals, consultants, HR managers, speakers and more and those who:

    1. Have an interest in hypnosis and hypnotherapy and want to learn more about the art

    2. Have “difficult” clients who have not responded to their other treatment methods

    3. Coaches and health coaches who want to expand their practice

    4. Looking for additional subjects

    5. Want to know more about how unconscious processes can bring new insights and breakthroughs

    6. Need to document continuous professional development hours to maintain membership in professional organisations


    Life Will Never Be The Same!