• About People

    • Gillian Godtfredsen
      The Holistic

      Gillian’s qualifications:

      Doctor of Metaphysics (USA)
      PhD. Holistic Life Coaching (USA)
      MSc Metaphysical Sciences (USA) …

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    • Melinda Merunada
      The Academic

      Melinda’s qualifications:)
      PhD in Metaphysical Sciences (USA)
      Masters Degree in Psychology (Sweden)
      Masters Degree in Medical Sciences (Sweden)-

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    • Elisabeth Tanum
      The Pilot

      Elisabeth’s qualifications:

      Certified NLP Practitioner (Norway)
      Certified NLP Master Practitioner (Norway)
      Registered Health Coach (Norway)

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    • Tobias Mbamalu
      The Clinical Psychologist

      Toby’s qualifications:

      Clinical Psychologist
      Cand.Psychol (Psy.D.) (Norway)
      M.Sc. Energy economy, leadership and HR
      Clinical Consultant
      NLP Practitioner (Norway)

      Work experience:
      Consultant Psychologist, University Hospital of Akershus, Norway

    • Ritva Enäkoski
      The Corporate Communicator

      Ritva’s qualifications:

      M.Sc. (Finland) with specialization in communication, adult education and social politics MBA Executive (Helsinki Business School)
      Lecturer & communication expert
      CEO at Enakoski LTD Finland
      Professional Trainer
      Certified Mindfulness Instructor (Norway)
      Diploma in Positive Psychology (Norway)

    • Patricia Riddell
      Lead Teacher

      Patricia’s qualifications:

      DPhil (PhD) Oxford University
      Professor of Applied Neuroscience
      Lecturer in Neuroscience
      Researcher in Neuroscience
      MSc Quantitative Methods in Psychology (UK)
      Psychology (UK)
      NLP Practitioner (UK)
      Working experience:
      30 years of extensive global experience as Researcher and Lecturer in Psychology and Neuroscience
      Head of Psychology Department, Reading University