• Powerful Presentations


    Course in Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

    Grab the attention of your audience immediately and keep it. Learn to present with conviction and impact. Learn to read group dynamics and ensure that your message is received and understood.

    Would you like to present confidently with charisma and strength? Presentation and speaking skills are acquired – and there are secrets behind them. Would you like to know what they are? This online course will develop you as a speaker and provide you with the necessary tools for compelling and inspiring presentations. You will also learn about the importance of voice and body language and be given tips on how to bring these to the next level.

    Fear of public speaking is the worlds #1 fear and is most often developed in childhood. This fear is learned and can be “re-learned” and transformed into power by using a few simple, yet highly effective processes. You can then look forward to designing and delivering your presentations. Learn how to progress from being a “mediocre” presenter to one who will be fondly remembered

    Whatever your profession, if you deal with people, this course is for you.

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  • Nordic Coach & NLP Academy (NOCNA) has received formal and independent CPD accreditation, and is now a registered supplier at the CPD Standards Office in England. All participants in this course will be issued with a CPD certificate, which can be used in a professional context up to the employer or trade union.

  • What you will learn:

    • How to take to the stage, capture attention and keep it
    • How to read your audience
    • How to build your message
    • How to use the 4MAT model in presenting
    • To understand how communication works subconsciously
    • How to present with impact
    • How to cope and deal with nervousness and stage fright
    • How to access extra energy while standing before an audience
    • To protect yourself from negative people
    • To formulate your message correctly and convincingly
    • Language Patterns to ensure that your message will be well received
    • How to deal with unexpected situations and questions
    • How to be left with even more energy after the presentation is over
    • How to bring out the best in yourself – every time

    Life Will Never Be The Same!