• Health & Lifestyle Consultant (100 CPD Credits)

  • Become a Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant. The Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant online course is a high quality course developed by Nordic Coach & NLP Academy (NOCNA) & The Paradigm Academy. This online training introduces you to the world of lifestyle and positive lifestyle behaviour change. This training awards 100 hours of Continuous Professional Development Credits (CPD).

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    In this course we will have focus on creating a healthy lifestyle, which is one which helps to keep and improve people´s health and well-being. Healthy living is a lifelong effect. The ways to being healthy include aspects such as healthy eating, physical activities, weight management, positive psychology and stress management. During this course we hope you will develop your understanding of the relationship between lifestyle behaviours and health.

    The Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant course is open to all who would like to enter the world of Lifestyle Training. It’s for individuals who are passionate about helping others to unleash their inner potential and resources, set goals and achieve them. There are no pre-requisites and the course can be taken flexible online in your own time.

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  • Nordic Coach & NLP Academy (NOCNA) has received formal and independent CPD accreditation, and is now a registered supplier at the CPD Standards Office in England. All participants in this course will be issued with a CPD certificate, which can be used in a professional context up to the employer or trade union. This education gives you 100 CPD Credits.

  • As a Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant you have knowledge and tools for being able to engage with individuals and use basic skills of awareness, engagement, and communication to introduce the idea of lifestyle behavior change and to motivate individuals to consider/think about making changes to their lifestyle behavior(s). When you study and integrate the learnings further, you will be able to select and use brief lifestyle behavior change techniques that help individuals take action about their lifestyle behavior choices which may include starting, stopping, increasing or decreasing lifestyle behavior activities. The long term goal is that you will be able to select and use appropriate techniques and approaches to provide support to individuals as they change their lifestyle behavior(s) and facilitate individuals to maintain these changes over the long term.

    Aims and objectives

    The NOCNA Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant Course in designed to provide you with essential knowledge, skills and presuppositions to become an effective practitioner of Lifestyle Behaviours. NOCNA follows a core syllabus offering competencies, knowledge and practical skills for certification. Through the online learning activities and assignments, you will discover how to recognize and utilize lifestyle change behaviour patterns and other change techniques to develop competence with fundamental lifestyle training tools and techniques.

    Learning outcomes

    • Learn Basic Lifestyle Behaviour skills
    • Learn about Health & A Healthy Lifestyle
    • Learn about Motivational Interviewing
    • Learn about Positive Psychology
    • Learn about Stress Management & Stress Management Skills
    • Learn about Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health
    • Learn about Emotional Fitness & Mental Hygiene
    • Integrate a Holistic and Spiritual Awareness of Health & Lifestyle

    You can progress with your online studies at your own tempo. You can choose how fast you wish to complete your course, and you can deliver your assignments/online quizzes when it suits you.

    Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded a certificate as a Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant from Nordic Coach & NLP Academy. You will also be credited with 100 CPD Credits on your certificate.


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