NOCNA offers plenty of corporate courses, both face to face and online. We offer courses in coaching, communication, mental training, NLP, mindfulness, cognitive coaching and health promotion. The courses are tailored to the unique needs of the company and can be hold at the workplace or at NOCNA offices.

    Success in the workplace requires knowledge and communication skills. It is vital that companies have employees who are skilled and who also handles human aspects of everyday life and are communicating in a satisfying way.

    NOCNA development program focuses on corporate vision, values and everyday life. Employees learn to function optimally by picking out the best in themselves and others . They learn practical coping tools that will enable them to be able to better manage themselves and their abilities to communicate and perform effectively.


    Resource Building Skills for The Workplace

    Empowerment for the People at the Workplace:

    Mental Training – thoughts, state control and solution-based thinking solution Motivation – get resources and impetus for achieving the corporate goals Communication – ask appropriate questions to get clear answers Behavior (Attitude & Behaviour ) – action and winning habits

    Cognitive Coaching – for effective learning and mastery

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