• Power Up coaching seminar

    Power Up coaching seminar is an unforgettable and powerful seminar for you who want to empower yourself.

    Do you want more:

    • energy
    • motivation & self – engagement
    • creativity
    • productivity
    • work satisfaction
    • coping skills

    and less

    • stress
    • absence
    • procrastinating
    • wining

    If answer is yes, please contact us. At this seminar, Gillian Godtfredsen gives you powerful tools that have immediate positive effects and results. She is well-known both nationally and internationally as an international trainer and lecturer. She held the first coaching course in Norway (1996) and has since coached thousands of people. Gillian teaches you and your staff to communicate better, set goals – and reach them.

    Power Up has stimulated thousands of attendees to master their personal challenges and develop personally and professionally . The seminar provides practical tools that provide immediate results.

    Do you plan your agenda ahead and complete your dreams, visions and goals? Have you ever thought – “who is the director of my life ? ” What would happen if you got access to the resources you need to create the life you dream about?

    The seminar provides insight, understanding, objective tools and strategies to achieve big gains and results. You will learn important skills and tools to manage your life so that you can achieve true balance and harmony, especially considering today’s great uncertainty , stress and fear that creates a lot of turbulence in a person’s inner life. Through a process of awareness you can change thought and behavior patterns, connect with your own inner wisdom, get answers to your questions and release emotional and physical blockages.

    Some of the topics on Power Up Seminar:

    • How you can change the quality of how to do what you do on your way towards your vision – Emotional intelligence
    • State control
    • Basic and creative principles and lessons that can be transferred to all areas of your life where you want change or innovation
    • How to change the feelings of awe and stress to feelings of calm, confidence, ambition and motivation
    • How to use practical tools for creating genuine freedom in all areas of your life
    • How to work with your vision of life and what really matters to you
    • Effective use of time and strategic planning
    • How to increase your motivation and focus
    • How to detect and remove causes of sabotaging behaviors and unwanted behavior patterns
    • How you can begin to express yourself as you really are
    • Be aware of limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your opportunities and help to break unwanted and entrenched behavior patterns that prevent you from creating the life you want
    • Techniques that make it easy to achieve what you really want – what really matters to you
    • How mind affects feelings and how your emotions are vital to your health and quality of life.
    • How you can prepare yourself for the WIN and achieve the results you want in life, personally and professionally

    Life Will Never Be The Same!