• Books

  • COACH ON THE GO – How To Get Your Goals

    COACH ON THE GO is suitable for anyone who has an interest in coaching. It is a comprehensive handbook of coaching questions for both laymen and professional coaches. The authors have collected the most frequently asked coaching questions in a practical handbook that can be a toolbox for everyday life. Effective questioning is an essential element of all coaching.

  • Words of Wisdom

    This collection of popular quotations is a treasure chest filled with beautiful thoughts and words of wisdom.

  • CD's


    The Perfect Health – Body Scan Meditation is perfect for your mindfulness and wellness practice. It will help you promote body awareness, body intelligence, a deeper connection to yourself, stress awareness, and relaxation. It is a wonderfully easy and effective way to release stress and tensions in your body.

    The Perfect Health – Body Scan Meditation will help you to train your mind so that you can be mindful in the present moment.

    The meditation works best if you can listen with headphones, lie or sit down and focus on your body.

    The meditation is guided by Gillian Godtfredsen who has more than 40 years professional experience with health promotion and wellness. Her unique voice is soothing and healing and known by those who listen as “The Voice that Heals”.

  • Boost Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

    Boost Your Self-Esteem and Improve Your Self-Confidence

    Boost Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence with this specially designed hypnotic programme. Learn how to become more self-confident and have the charismatic qualities that everyone admires. 

    Download price: NOK 137,-

  • Crystal Journey (English)

    Crystal Journey is a beautiful guided meditation for anyone who wants to work with healing energies. You will meditate using beautiful crystals and use them in your personal process to experience greater clarity and improved quality of life. 

    Download price: NOK 137,-

  • Workplace Mindfulness

    with 2 parts:
    1. Workplace Mindfulness
    2. 4 Square Breath

    This is an easy mindfulness exercise for the workplace. It can be done in the middle of a busy working day for relaxation and increased concentration and focus.

    Download version: NOK 89,-

  • Losing your pet

    Losing your pet (English)

    This guided process by Gillian R. Godtfredsen is for helping you handle your feelings in connection with losing your pet. The bond between you and your pet may be a special bond like no other.

    Download price: NOK 137,-

  • Angelic Journey English Version

    Joyful Heart Meditation (English)

    The Joyful Heart Meditation is a beautiful process using guided imagery to facilitate emotional wellbeing, healing and transformation. 

     Download price: NOK 137,-

  • Angelic Journey English Version

    Your Future Self (English)

    Your Future Self is a powerful process that facilitates self-empowerment and your future success. You are creating your future and the self that you desire to be.

    Download price: NOK 137,-

  • Passing Exams – Mastering exam anxiety (English)

    Passing exams is a powerful and meaningful process that facilitates your success in passing exams. The purpose is to assist you to manage exam anxiety and strengthen your inner resources, positive emotions, concentration and focus.

    Investment: 22 EUR (NOK 199,-)

  • Angelic Journey English Version

    Shadow Work Meditation (English)

    Shadow Work Meditation is a deep process that facilitates emotional healing and transformation. The purpose of the guided meditation process is to help you to evolve through cultivating your awareness of different physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects that affect your life. 

    Download price: NOK 137,-

  • Angelic Journey English Version

    Angelic Journey (English)

    This Mp3 is designed to to increase a persons insight, understanding, healing, and motivation within their life.

    Download price: NOK 137,-

  • Healing Journey (English)

    Healing Journey is audio designed to facilitate YOUR healing and inner peace. Delivered by Gillian Godtfredsen who is better known as “the voice that heals”.

    Download price: NOK 137,-

  • Natural Healing (English)

    Take this wonderfully relaxing healing journey. Gillian Godtfredsen’s voice is renowned for relaxation and the ability to assist in the activation of the body’s power to heal.

    Download price: NOK 137,-

  • Past Life Insight (English)

    Past Life Insights is a two part program Wed past life regression. Part I is an introduction to the concept of past life regression describing how and why it works.

    Download price: NOK 137,-


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