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    NOCNA for me is quality. There’s never been a doubt in my mind that I have come to the most qualified school. The knowledge and seriousness of the trainers are unique, and I really appreciate that they take ethics so seriously. They make sure that all students are highly qualified both theoretically and practically before they are certified.

    As students we were all very well looked after, and got the guidance we needed. I quickly experienced that the trainers are highly qualified and have an extensive background from the world of NLP. They are thorough in their demonstrations and always at hand to assist in the training sessions afterwards. Therefore, the study environment is positive, safe, fun, exciting and hugely informative.

    At NOCNA I learned a lot about good and versatile communication, and living life together with others in a positive and healthy way. I have a new perception of what it means to be a good human being. Where I before would see limitations, I today only see opportunities, and this has given my life a whole new meaning.

    — MONA FOLDVIK ,Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, Certified NLP Coach, Educational leader, Pree School levels

    I have successfully completed certifications trainings to NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner levels at Nordic Coach & NLP Academy. Gillian Godtfredsen was lead trainer for the whole duration of the trainings. All levels were delivered in a highly professional and ethical manner. There was a very good balance between lectures, demonstrations, exercises and homework. Feedback and assessment were precise, professional and specific. Before signing up I found the marketing and pre-­‐course information clear and easy to understand. I am totally satisfied with all aspects of the training. The trainings have been a great benefit to my personal development and professional competence. This is first class work and Gillian Godtfredsen and her team at Nordic Coach & NLP Academy can be given my highest recommendation.

    — BJØRG NEVERDAL ,Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Dentist MNTF

    Melinda is a very confident coach, knowledgeable and with great integrity and presence in everything she does. She conveys the subject to students with a firm and steady voice. She has in addition to NLP background also solid foundation in academia, which she conveys to students in an outstanding manner. A good balance between theory and practice. Melinda meets students at their level and her strong academic background helps to assure the quality of teaching. Studies at NOCNA also encourage students to collaborate and learn from each other. In other words; a fantastic student environment. Through the studies I got to know myself on a deeper level. NOCNA and Melinda have totally changed my attitude towards life and help me be aware of my resources.

    — SISSEL WOLL MOSENG, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Health Coach, M.Sc. Criminology, Pharmacologist

    I am a student at NOCNA and in that regard I have had the pleasure of having Elisabeth Tanum as an instructor and lecturer. It has been a very positive experience. Elisabeth is a solid professional who imparts knowledge in an educational and accessible way, both theoretically and practically. She also has wonderful fine personal qualities that make you feel heard and included as a student. She gives generously of herself. The environment at NOCNA is unique where Gillian, Melinda and Elisabeth are a professional and social powerhouse that you just have to love. During the months I’ve been a student there I have grown both professionally and personally, and I look forward to continued studies.

    — HILDE BEATE BERG, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Editor, Student, Health Coach & NLP Professional Coach

    I have participated in the NLP trainings at Nordic Coach & NLP Academy and had the pleasure of having Elisabeth as a trainer. She is a skilled, motivating and inspiring trainer/lecturer. My experience with her, the school and their team are very positive.

    From I entered the education I have been treated in a very professional manner. Information prior to study entry and along has been very good. As a student at Nordic Coach & NLP Academy I have developed myself in all areas of life, both career-­‐‑wise and personally. The good student environment also contributed to that I thrived additional well and developed even more. I give them my best recommendations

    — ASTRID LAURITZEN, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Student, NLP Professional Coach, Student NLP Trainer, Sales Manager

    My impression of NOCNA as a school is one of seriousness and tolerance. The trainers walked us carefully through the techniques, they are involved and teach us in a very ethical way the impact they can have on a person’s life. Cornelia is very clear and distinct in her communication. She listens to what each student has to say. She is eager to help students get the most out of the trainings. Her calm and reassuring manner makes for a safe learning environment.

    — STINE JEANETTE GRAVDAL, Stine Jeanette Gravdal, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Student, Health Coach & NLP Professional Coach

    Well-­‐‑structured trainings where students actively have to engage and acquire substance through exercise. NOCNA is a serious player in a myriad of different coaching offers on the market. Good structure to the lectures. The instructors are well schooled in the art of NLP and the material is presented in a professional matter. I truly value the emphasized respect for the individual and for the power of NLP.

    Cornelia is a committed, present and especially knowledgeable within the subject she teaches. Her professionalism provides security around what she conveys. She is well prepared and my experience is that each student is seen and that encourage students to get involved and participate. Cornelia in her communication combines seriousness and humour/laughter, which is both instructive and liberating at the same time.

    — HEDVIG GAASKJENN, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Project and Business controller

    Inger Lise Sætren is a very experienced and knowledgeable presenter. She conveys complex and intricate issues in a simple and straightforward manner. I have attended several of Inger Lise’s lectures on ethics in relation to my education in NLP. In addition to professional competence, she stands as a warm and motherly woman, with commitment to what she is doing.

    — SARA TYVAND, Certified NLP Master Practitoner, Certified Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Student Health Coach

    Inger Lise Sætren is an inspiring and highly skilled trainer. She varies teaching with presentation, discussions and group work. This makes teaching instructive, attentive and participants are involved continuously. The subject material will then be better integrated and we get a better understanding of the legislation and the subject itself.

    Inger Lise always renders attribution and act very professionally. The learning environment is informal and yet with high integrity, the best conditions for the development of learning and expertise.

    — CHRISTINE LEMME, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, Certified NLP Coach, Certified NLP Professional Coach, CEO Nordic & Partner

    I have completed my NLP training at NOCNA. The school maintains very high academic standards. The trainer team consist of wonderfully skilled people and this embodies the whole training. They are including and always evolving, which inspire students who have participated on their trainings to comes back time and time again for more CPD. Melinda Merunada was one of the trainers, and thanks to her warm personality and professional skills, I got inspired and found the courage to embark on a whole new education at a mature age. This has been a momentous experience that has changed my life for the better.

    — KIRSTI SKULLERUD, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Health Coach, Ballet Teacher 40 years running a Ballet School

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