• About NLP Training

    NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming/ Psychology is a practical and pragmatic results-oriented communication model that makes it possible to uncover, understand and take control of our minds and our thoughts. On our training you will learn techniques to improve your communication and bring out the potential in yourself and others. NLP is valuable knowledge you can acquire , whether you want personal or professional growth or development.

    People of all ages and professions benefit from NLP. Many choose NLP to improve their communication, increase their ability to achievement and gain greater satisfaction in life. Others choose NLP as personal development to become aware of personal values and living according to their dreams.

    During an NLP training at NOCNA you experience self-development and personal growth while you will improve your performance and relationships. You learn the subject thoroughly, in an exciting and interactive way . That means you own knowledge and skills and can use it again and again, in all venues , professionally and in all other areas of your life.

    In a modular training course that goes over time you will learn advanced techniques to make the desired changes using the language. You will be aware that you are learning on several levels, you get a deeper understanding of how values affect you, and you learn techniques to resolve internal and external conflicts. NLP originated from modeling and an important part of NLP Master Practitioner is the implementation of a modeling assignment where you acquire an expert behavior and transmit this to other fields of your life.

    How can I use the knowledge and skills?

    NLP provides powerful and liberating psychological and educational tools with great joy that can be used in all areas of life. They can be used in daily work with coaching, consulting, customer service, communication, therapy, HR and the like, as well as in the business – and public speaking oriented subjects like management, policy, consulting, consultant function, sales, teaching or another form of communicating messages . To be certified coach you need the basic NLP training (NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner), and then one or more coaching levels of specialization.


    Life Will Never Be The Same!