• NLP Master Practitioner (80 CPD Credits)

  • NLP Master Practitioner

    This NLP Master Practitioner training supports you to MASTER the skills, techniques and thinking of NLP.

    Within the field of NLP, if the Practitioner corresponds to your Bachelor degree then the NLP Master Practitioner would be your Masters degree. This world class training will take your professional and personal evolution to new levels of skill and artistry. Upon certification as an NLP Master Practitioner you will also receive a certificate awarding you 80 formal CPD points as proof that you have undertaken Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

  • When is it?

    to be announced

    Where is it?


    What are the prequisites?

    NLP Practitioner certification

    How much is it?

    GBP 2,950,-

  • Norway’s leader in NLP, Coaching, Mental Training and Mindfulness.

    • 29 years of experience

      NOCNA is the leader in the field

    • International credits (CPD)

      NOCNA has issued over 5000 CPD points over the past year

    • Market leader

      NOCNA has held more than 250 NLP & Coach courses

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      NOCNA offers more than 32 different courses and educations

  • Nordic Coach & NLP Academy (NOCNA) has received formal and independent CPD accreditation, and is now a registered supplier at the CPD Standards Office in England. All participants in this course will be issued with a CPD certificate, which can be used in a professional context up to the employer or trade union. This education gives you 80 CPD Credits.

  • Why become a NLP Master Practitioner?

    Wheras the NLP Practitioner training teaches the alphabet of NLP, the NLP Master Practitioner training deepens, expands and builds upon the skills to progress to the domain of artistry. The “alphabet” level is the foundation tool for further developing multiple perceptions and deepening synergistic change work. Taking your communication and people management skills to the next level of NLP mastery is the primary purpose of this course. Since you have taken the NLP Practitioner training you will have experienced the power and potential of this work and the levels of transformational learnings that it brings.

    Once you have the prerequisite NLP Practitioner Certification from a recognised training provider you will be ready to learn even more about NLP, the mind, deeper communication skills and higher level change processes. This fantastic addition to your toolbox, and not least to your own personal development is an absolute must if you work with (or desire to work with) other people using the skills of NLP.

    The NLP Master Practitioner will take you from using NLP as a hobby to turning it into a set of skills that allow you to master your destiny, whether it is for your business or personal use, or both. Expect to be working closely with other highly motivated and skilfull practitioners as you master these incredible NLP skills.

    The training is presented in a generative learning mode (learning to learn). This method teaches how to use what you know, and to learn more and faster. The style of training (in a limited class size) enables you to absorb and develop immediately, noticing your own transformations during the course.

    Come and learn advanced NLP applications for use in both professional and personal contexts.

    Professor in Neuroscience Patricia Riddell´s experience of NOCNA



    “Independently I think that NLP and Neuroscience both have strengths, but together I think they are absolutely amazing! NLP is brilliant at the how to’s. How do we make these things happen. How do we create change. The Neuroscience says “this is why it works”.

    — Dr Patricia Riddell, Professor i Nevrovitenskap.

    How many days is the course?

    9 days

    What will I learn?

    Become a Master Practitioner of NLP and learn how to:

    • Negotiate with elegance
    • Expand your thinking
    • Learn skills for life coaching
    • Learn the secret process that dominates everyone’s behaviours
    • Learn how to replicate the skills of a genius (modelling)
    • Control your language and master success through quantum linguistics
    • Discover your unique purpose, values and mission and build your legacy

    Is the course accredited and recognised?

    Yes it is. We are an approved training institute with the CPD Standards Office in England.
    All trainers are recognised Certified NLP Master Trainers and Certified NLP Trainer and accredited by The Norwegian Association of Coaching & NLP (NFCN)
    and are Trainer Members in The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming International.

    So, what should I do now?

    Call us for a chat on +47 91 81 04 01 or contact us through our contact page.
    You can also book on directly by sending an email to post@nocna.no


    Life Will Never Be The Same!