• Health Coach (160 CPD Credits)

  • Health Coach

    Nordic Coach & NLP Academy offers a quality assured professional education based on coaching, cognitive psychology, mindfulness, healthy lifestyle, health promotion and advanced NLP.

    Do you want to guide and support others towards a healthier and more balanced life?

    Then NOCNA’s certified health coach education may be the most important and most appropriate step for you.

    The person working as a NOCNA health coach helps people with effective and conscious health-promoting measures to stay energetic and healthy. A NOCNA health coach is also a fantastic supporter for people who are suffering and want to return to good and vital health. NOCNA’s health coach is also trained to help with everything from smoking cessation to a healthier diet.

    As a NOCNA trained health coach, you will have the tools and strategies you need to motivate people to a healthy lifestyle. The education is for those who want simple techniques and methods that promote health.

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    Certified NLP Master Practitioner


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  • Nordic Coach & NLP Academy (NOCNA) has received formal and independent CPD accreditation, and is now a registered supplier at the CPD Standards Office in England. All participants in this course will be issued with a CPD certificate, which can be used in a professional context up to the employer or trade union. This education gives you 160 CPD Credits.

  • What is health coaching?

    Health Coaching is a supplemental health method/ process and not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. Thoughts, feelings and beliefs are central in the training. Health Coaching is a practical subject that is about developing potential, pushing boundaries , awareness and accountability. Health Coaching helps to clarify the current standpoint, the direction and strategies to get there. Health Coaching is defined as a service where providers facilitator participant process in changing lifestyle -related behaviors to improve health and quality of life, or to establish and achieve health goals. Health coaches assist their client to achieve their objectives by facilitating learning on specific health topics and later support them in achieving their goals.

    Why health coach education?

    Health Coach program provides a major competitive advantage and excellent career opportunities. The method focuses on health, lifestyle, and healthy lifestyle coaching and provides learning and integration of health values, coaching techniques, health tools and self-help tools . Health Coaching is not ” alternative medicine ” or ” alternative treatment “. It is a supplementary , complementary communication and health promotion toolkit.

    Nordic Coach & NLP Academy team has developed literature for health coaching. Focus is on professional competence, ethics, quality and seriousness . As a student you can access NOCNA online e-learning platform to ensure optimal integration in a single pace that suits you. The education is vocationally specific and delivered by an international team of interdisciplinary experts.

    What does a health coach?

    A health coach assists individuals to understand and deal with their own health conditions and set goals for coping, active participation and empowerment. A health coach is working to promote health and strengthen what the person can do in relation to his or her own health. Health coaches like to work one-on- one and have good technical knowledge within motivational interviewing and high ethical awareness. Health coaches who goes ahead as a good role model with healthy, health habits. Therefore, health coaches also undertakes to continuously upgrade their knowledge and practical skills. A health coach motivates individuals and groups of people to take care of the health in a holistic way.

    Where is the expertise of a health coach useful?

    There is a large room in society for people with health coaching expertise. Health personnel greatly appreciate this expertise. Some combine the health coaching expertise with current or former professions, while others see opportunities for new employment avenues. NOCNA graduated health coaches have been working by healthy living centers, gyms, competence centers, training centers, recruitment companies, job placement and consulting companies. Some choose to be self- employers. Many personal trainers find it very useful to have health coaching expertise.

    What will you learn at the training?

    The candidate will develop the skills to :

    • Coach individuals and groups for life style and health promotion processes
    • Manage advanced NLP
    • Applying Positive Psychology
    • Creating a balance between personal strength and professional qualifications, values, mission and vision of life
    • Integrate personal competence and practical competencies
    • Apply breathing and mindfulness techniques in health coaching
    • Identifying the internal body messages
    • Using NLP and health coaching to approach the physical challenges of the body
    • Apply motivational interviewing to promote health and assist in behavior change
    • Achieve resourceful states, where students can help themselves and others to bring out the best in deeper plan
    • Define goals and action in health coaching
    • Master the techniques that affect health in a positive health direction
    • Working with high ethical consciousness as a health coach
    • Develop effective strategies for optimal health

    Professor in Neuroscience Patricia Riddell´s experience of NOCNA



    “Independently I think that NLP and Neuroscience both have strengths, but together I think they are absolutely amazing! NLP is brilliant at the how to’s. How do we make these things happen. How do we create change. The Neuroscience says “this is why it works”.

    — Dr Patricia Riddell, Professor i Nevrovitenskap.

    Life Will Never Be The Same!