• NLP at the workplace

    NOCNA offers corporate courses and international certification courses in NLP and coaching. Team NOCNA can teach a whole NLP Practitioner certification course at your workplace, or train your teams/employees within NLP and coaching techniques and tools. NLP and coaching can give the company huge advantages and help the company to grow and evolve, meet challenges, increase effectiveness and job satisfaction.

    What would happen if your company/ organization had:

    • Better job satisfaction
    • Better communication?
    • Better leadership skills?
    • Good teamwork?
    • More creativity?
    • Increased motivation?
    • Less sick leave?
    • Increased productivity?
    • Increased profitability?

    Then NLP at work is perfectly for you. This is a series of popular courses and seminars that have been held over the decades.

    The course is based on NLP and how the company’s employees can experience the usefulness and value of NLP. The team offers short and long courses in NLP in the workplace. It’s about communication, conflict management, and mastering tool that can be used professionally in several fields. A large interdisciplinary team of international experts to teach both in Oslo and at the individual workplace worldwide.

    The courses are run by senior coaches and Certified NLP Trainers in different areas and tailor made for each company/organization as needed. Please contact for further conversation or agreement rate. It could be from two hours up the current rate or further education. Many of our courses awards valuable CPD credits for your employees and leadership team.

    The training can be used in countless areas; for professional and private development, and to improve communication skills/ job qualifications. We focus on communication through higher consciousness, values and attitudes, and more.


    Life Will Never Be The Same!