• Inger Lise Sætren

    Inger Lise Sætren, Lawyer, Socialist, Chair, Professional Consultant, Teacher, Certified NLP Trainer, Registered Health Coach
  • Inger Lise’s qualifications:


    Lawyer – Member of Norwegian Lawyer Association (Norway)
    Certified NLP Practitioner (Norway)
    Certified NLP Master Practitioner (Norway)
    Registered Health Coach (Norway)
    Certified NLP Professional Coach (Norway)
    Certified NLP Trainer (Norway)
    Norwegian Civic & Social College – Sociology
    Norwegian Business School – Personnel Administration
    ANLP Trainer member (UK)
    Board member Norwegian Association of Coaching & NLP (NFCN)
    Chairman of the Complaints & Appeal Committee NFCN
    Member The Norwegian Bar Association
    Chairman of the Complaints & Appeal Committee Nordic Healing Association

    Previous work experience:
    Head of Social Services, Northern Norway
    Judge, County Court Oslo
    Lawyer, Police Department, Oslo
    Lawyer, County Court, Norway