• Are you ready to reach your goals? Are you ready to help others bring out the best in themselves? Coaching gives you the tools, whether you want to use it on yourself or others.

  • Coaching is a competency-based activity. It is an interactive process between coach and client. The coach and client agree on goals and specific evidence of the coaching.

    Coaching is a subject area that has experienced great growth at all levels of society over the last 20 years. Coaching is not the same as treatment, counseling, counseling or therapy. It is a solution-oriented goal-setting method that aims to assist individuals and teams by promoting awareness and self-development, resource release and personal potential to achieve desired goals.

    A coach is a motivator that facilitates a coaching process. Coaching can take place individually, in leadership, team or in organizations. The coach helps the leader, team, or individual to think, feel, act and learn to reach important goals.

    The professional coach has professional expertise and specific training in listening, observing and adapting the coaching to individual needs. The coach gathers the necessary information and guides a process so that the other person finds solutions and strategies. The coach assumes that the person has the solutions and the answers inside. The methods used in coaching are drawn from many different psychological directions including NLP.

    It is very important that a coach has the skills and abilities to assist their clients in all areas of life. If the coach can also work both health-promoting and therapeutic, there is an advantage. In addition to careers and economics, the areas of health & wellness, family & friends, emotional life and not least the spiritual care of a competent and skilled coach. NOCNA’s coaching education encompasses all categories of life. We take into account the differences and connections between IQ – intelligence quotient, EQ – emotional quotient (empathy and mastery), AQ – adversity quotient (SQ), and SQ – spiritual quotient or “The Ultimate Intelligence”.

    NOCNA offers a professional and comprehensive coaching program that combines the latest innovations in NLP, coaching and positive psychology. You can create your own coaching business that reflects your values ​​and your identity. The company has been out early and has the longest working time in the industry in Norway. Our educations form the model and pillar of NLP coach education offered in Norway. With us you learn both NLP and other coach approaches.

    What is a Coach?

    In simple terms, a coach is a “personal success coach”, a faithful professional challenger who specializes in development so that people excel in business and in their personal lives. A coach creates a safe space to share insights and information, and is completely impartial and will use various methods to help the client achieve success and even greater clarity. The coach assists in removing the blockages that prevent people from performing and enjoying life more. With a coach in place, there are benefits for the individual as well as for the entire organization, because the result is greater job satisfaction, vision, higher energy levels, better health and improved quality of life.

    What is the difference between a coach, a counselor and a therapist?

    A coach focuses on action, not understanding. He / she works for responsibility for emotions and helps develop realistic action plans. They ask questions, shed light on situations, role play, assign home tasks and more. A good coach is fully aware of the most important issues people and organizations face, and assumes success in the role of business partner. He / she uses best practices for lasting results. A coach is not a psychotherapeutic counselor and does not provide specific advice or instructions. The client sets the agenda and finds their own answers based on the coach’s quality questions. Coaching focuses on resources, solutions and the future as opposed to therapies that often focus backwards. The client’s worldview is always respected.

    Personal benefits of coaching

    Among the benefits clients who have gone for a coach describe are that they are:

    • More satisfied in the current work situation
    • Works easier and more productively with others
    • Achieves effective communication methods
    • Matches difficult personalities
    • Understands how to handle challenging situations
    • Feeling more confident, capable, capable and / or appreciated
    • Feel stability in the workplace
    • Greater personal involvement
    • Understand and feel more in line with the company’s goals
    • Enjoying a richer personal life
    • Takes responsibility for one’s own actions and feelings
    • Desire to raise their standards of personal achievement
    • Increased energy
    • Company profile and clearer goals and values

    NOCNA’s coaching team consists of professional coaches with interdisciplinary expertise from the business, education and health sectors. They have a thorough coaching education led by mentor trainers and skilled educators. They stimulate growth by using dynamic change and learning methods.

    Find a job that you love – and you’ll never have to work a day in your life

    — kinesisk ordtak

    Success is the result of good judgement. Good judgement is the result of experience. And experience is often the result of bad judgement

    — Anthony Robbins, The World's number 1 Coach and voted one of the World's 10 most outstanding people
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