COACH ON THE GO is now available!

    Welcome to this app – Coaching on the Go! Here you will find hundreds of coaching questions that you can have with you – on the go. 

    Effective questioning is an essential element of every consultation. One must elicit the purpose of the client’s visit and determine his or her desired outcomes.


    JOYFUL HEART MEDITATION is now available!

    Welcome to the Joyful Heart Meditation app! 

    Joyful Heart Meditation is for you who are interested in meditation, mindfulness, health and wellness. The Joyful Heart Meditation is a beautiful process using guided imagery to facilitate emotional wellbeing, healing and transformation.

    FEAR OF FLYING is now available!

    Take control of your fears
    Are you letting your fear of flying limit your life? What adventures have you missed out on because of this? Are your family suffering because you wan’t get on airplane? This app will empower you to become a more confident flyer and experience the world and all it has to offer.

    Elisabeth, an airline captain who is trained and practices as a Professional Coach and Hypnotherapist will help you.

    You are now in the unique position that you can benefit from her resources to have a more comfortable flying experience.
    What are you waiting for?


    PAST LIFE REGRESSION is now available!

    Past Life Regression is for those who are interested in esoteric wisdom, metaphysics and past life regression. This meditation is a powerful tool for going back in time and accessing information and knowledge of your past life/lives. This app is great for your personal use, and it is practical to use on the go whenever you wish to regress to your past lives and times gone by.


    MEDITATION FOR EVERYONE is now available!

    It gives you access to several of our meditations on your iphone/ipad, easily and flexible. It is a great tool for bringing the benefits of meditation to your everyday life.


    BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM is now available!

    Boost Your Self-Esteem is a powerful hypnotic process for strengthening your self-esteem and self-confidence. Learn how to become more self-confident and have the charismatic qualities that everyone admires.


    PASSING EXAMS is now available!

    It is a powerful and meaningful process that facilitates your success in passing exams. The purpose is to assist you to manage exam nerves and strengthen your inner resources, positive emotions, concentration and focus.


    Life Will Never Be The Same!